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acebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks have grown in popularity in recent years and have taken a fundamental place in the daily lives of billions of people. Some even have become true social media, which allows its users, internet surfers and professionals to create a profile page and share information, photos and videos with their network. Social networks are spaces of sharing that are distinguished by their usefulness (personal, professional, meetings …), their logo and their audiences.

A social network has two meanings

Social networks are an ambiguous notion because in the strict sense, a social network refers to the different relationships that people have with each other and the way in which these relationships are structured. These different relationships between people make it possible to understand the behavior of each individual with Publissoft.

While today, with the explosion of technology and the Internet, people have become accustomed to using the notion of social network to designate an application dedicated to communication or more specifically a social networking service that through The Internet helps maintain communication with acquaintances such as family, friends or co-workers, as well as meeting new people. The network is social because it allows to exchange with other members registered on the same network public or private messages, photos, videos or games.

The diversity of social networks

Today there is a multitude of social networks on the Internet: general or specialized social networks, mobile or geo-localized social networks, professional or anonymous social networks, mobile social networks only. Each of them responds to a specific need.

That’s why we can now distinguish several categories of social networks that are created or used for different reasons.

Visual social networks

Such as Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram, this type of social network allows the sharing of photos and videos with the contacts of its user or with everyone, all in a very simple way that makes this category of social networks a success.

Video social networks

Such as You Tube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Wat.Tv or more recently Vine. These are video hosting platforms where we can watch uploaded videos, create our own videos and post them, and share existing videos. All this content can be discussed by people who have seen it in the comments section.

Professional social networks

Such as Linkedin or Viadeo, they allow you to connect to your professional network such as colleagues, partners, customers, employees or employer. This type of social networking also allows users to search for a job and showcase their skills, as it allows companies to find and contact potential future employees.

Alumni networks

Such as Friends of Before (Copains d’Avant) or Trombi. They can reconnect you with classmates or childhood friends, and you can view their class photos.

The extent of social networks

Due to their diversity and ease of use, social networks have become very important in our society. From the youngest to the eldest, almost everyone has at least one profile on a social network. For one reason or another, for example, there is a child who wants to keep in touch with classmates while leaving school, an adult who uses social networks to communicate with his or her clients, or even grandparents who want to keep in touch with their grandchildren who live far away.

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