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any advertisers are looking for the best advertising agency for their brand. But what is a leading advertising agency? And how to identify and select the best advertising agency for the brand or organization?

The most obvious answer is that the best agency is the one with the most visibility in the industry. But what does it mean? Is it the one who wins the most advertising rewards? Can it be found in the one that has received the most efficiency awards? Or by the quantity of business taken?

The answer is that the best advertising agency for any advertiser depends on the criteria you have chosen. And the choice of criteria depends on the strategic requirements of the brand or organization of the agency.

This sounds obvious, but it is a consideration that is often overlooked in the rush often seen in the selection process of the advertising agency to act as a panacea for poor advertising and marketing plans.

Publissoft informs that there are marketing specialists in an agency based on the reputation and profile of the industry only. While this may seem like a good starting point, it often happens that it does not deliver the promised results due to the agency’s misalignment with the advertiser’s strategic needs.

An advertising agency is there to solve problems, not to read minds, so give clear directions on where you would like your company to advertise – and if you do not know the answer to that question , be sure to let your agency know. If you see something you like in a bad strategy, tell it and let your group work on it. Give open feedback to a new presentation by talking about exactly what you liked about a suggestion or idea. Also talk about what you did not like. Weak reactions like “It was good” are not giving proper feedback and Publissoft would like to know more since it would not help to clarify the objectives. And this only lengthens the process of finding the best direction for your business.

The reason is obvious when you look at how the industry defines a high-profile advertising agency in relation to how you can set a high-profile advertising agency against strategic requirements. An advertising agency is a business and, like any business, it’s looking to make money. Sometimes it means growing up and gaining other customers – some of the same goals that your business may have. However, as a client of a growing agency, this may mean a lack of attention that your company deserves. It is not even necessary to have a massive agency for this to happen. If you have been part of a particular group for some time, you may find that your company is taking precedence over the attraction of getting a new customer.

When you look at how agencies build their reputation, it’s usually through the trade publications that report on the market. The reports of the specialized press are: business gains and losses, new campaign launches, creativity awards, efficiency awards and executive appointments.

Among these topics, the most insightful are senior appointments, as all other topics usually depend on the quality and depth of the relationship between the agency and the advertiser.
The big mistake of some advertisers is to name an advertising agency that has the reputation of creating exceptional work, but disappoining relationship producing less results than expected. The reason is invariably because of the advertiser and the way they engage with this agency.
Rather than choosing agencies based on their reputation, it is more important to carefully define the attributes required by your brand or organization to categorize the performance of the advertising agency.

These are more than just functional discriminators such as expertise, capabilities, customer experience, size, resources, etc. Also the most intangible discriminators such as culture, trust, philosophy, attitude and chemistry should count.

Of course, the industry will continue to define the best advertising agency based on accepted criteria that make reading professional publications compelling. But it is more important that this is at best a starting point in the selection of an agency and not the only criterion for selecting the right agency.

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